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Fast, Effective & Reliable Pest Control Services

TRS Extermination offers more than fast, friendly service in the Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio areas. We provide reliable Pest Control service you can count on. We use the latest equipment and keep up with the newest pest control treatments and techniques for the best results. Our maintenance techniques ensure complete elimination of pest infestations in and around your home, and our preventative maintenance service keeps the bugs from coming back.

You don’t need to deal with bed bugs alone! View our bed bug heat treatment photos and videos.

Eliminating Bed Bugs Across Ohio

Ohio has become a hot spot for bed bug infestations. TRS Extermination offers our special heat-treatment service that consists of eco-friendly, direct-fired devices for elevating the ambient temperature to a level that kills bed bugs and other invasive pests. For applications where heat treatment is not feasible we offer chemical bed bug treatment options.

You Can Count on TRS Extermination

We specialize in residential and commercial pest control, removing of everything from bed bugs and carpenter ants to spiders, termites, wasps, and rats in homes and businesses across Ohio. Even hard-to-kill bed bugs don’t stand a chance against our professional, experienced team. We can even eliminate termite infestations and prevent costly damage to your home and business.

Found a bed bug? — Don’t panic!

Unlike some other insects, finding you have bed bugs is not a statement on the cleanliness of your home. Bed bugs don’t care if your home is clean or dirty or if you are rich or poor — all they want it to live around you and feed on you for dinner. Discovering you have bed bugs need not induce panic. Follow some simple tips and your experience will be more pleasant than if you ignore your bed bug problem.

Most importantly, call a professional bed bug exterminator at the first sign of bed bugs. The sooner you contact a professional who can kill all the bed bugs and their eggs in one visit, the sooner you will be bed bug free. Next, realize bed bugs will probably be found throughout your home, so don’t throw away your mattress, bedding, or any other furniture. Thirdly, prepare for a bed bug treatment by eliminating clutter on and around furniture and throughout your home. Lastly, relax (as best you can) and know relief is on the way!


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